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I'll explain what that is for you, this means that you have to pass up your first 2 sales to your sponsor. Are you just starting out with online marketing? This type of compensation plan is going to be difficult for you.If you are just starting your work from home business and online marketing your sponsor well begin to help you make your first two sales but upon which you and your home based business now have turn into the sponsor's competition. You want to consider yourself what reason does your sponsor have to help you any longer. Your sponsor then starts with his or hers new sign ups with their first 2 sales to continue making money.My assessment of EDC Gold - EDC Diamond is that they are not a scam, but there are some issues with this home based business opportunity. The issue that stands out foremost is EDC compensation plan.Which I explained prior but just needs harping, a modified 2-up pay plan does not promote a team environment.
Now light a few candles and turn off the lights and you are ready.  Smell the aroma of the scents.  Slowly get in feeling the softness of the bubbles and the warmth of the water.  Slide down sinking below just letting yourself go.  When you rise again, you will see your candles giving off their soft glow of light.  You can smell the aroma of the scents from your bubble bath and candles.  Take a deep breath and feel yourself relaxing.  Let your mind wonder taking your places as the aroma of your scents remind you of the pleasures from within your mind.
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